Cannabis has had quite the year. Namely, companies learned the industry is hella lucrative
it’s a multi-billion dollar industry – and
politicians gleaned supporting legalization
can earn them some political sway. This year also ushered in a massive wave of luxe cannabis products and accessories
It’s safe to say what might have been considered
the plant’s edge is now oÜcially sanded and shellacked smooth. But just because something goes mainstream doesn’t mean it’s no longer cool. Look at
craft beer! Now cannabis has completed a similar metamorphosis. And Úve strains in particular reigned 2017 supreme.
Cannabis, like alcohol, has many nuances to consider. Just as you’d never sidle up to a bar for a pint of “alcohol,” you should know more about cannabis
than to request simply “weed.” This year saw a rise in appreciation for CBD, a major cannabinoid present in marijuana. THC, the heady component that
makes users feel high, is the other major cannabinoid in cannabis. CBD doesn’t aÙect the mind; instead, it’s jam-packed with medicinal applications,
spanning from treating menstrual cramps to epilepsy. As stigma surrounding cannabis wanes, patients interested in non-pharmaceutical treatments
have more and more CBD-heavy options.
Keep in mind, even though these strands dominated 2017, cannabis is a highly individualistic experience. The strain that gets your Ûying phobic cousin
calm and airborne might make another user fall victim to a surprise couch nap. As Portland, Oregon,-based Farma
collective’s Sam Heywood puts it: “The best strain is the one that suits you today.” So tune in, light up and tune out. Here’s Úve great options for
celebrating the end of one really weird year.

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